• The Premiere Work Opportunity

    Build your Resume, Build Confidence, Build your Skill


    Your competitive edge.

    Customer Service and Sales Skills

    Life is Sales

    Remember when you tried to talk your parents into staying out past curfew? And remember when you tried to talk your teacher into rounding up that B+ to an A? You were selling.

    Personal Growth

    Self Confidence and Grit

    The perfect cure for shyness? Working in entry level customer service and sales. Asking for what you want confidently isn’t easy for most of us. We will teach you how to do it effectively.

    People Skills

    Networking and Relationship Building

    Want to be a chameleon in any environment? Communicate and interact with people unlike yourself. The network you’ll develop won’t only include clients but also include all your coworkers.


  • Our mission is to provide a challenging & rewarding experience for students to grow themselves professionally, personally, and financially

    We are currently the #1 District Office in NYC. Our company has been around since 1981 and generates over $250 Million in business annually via 300+ nationwide offices.


    We are the #1 Work Provider for Students in the country and we are committed to providing an exceptional experience inworking with customers, enhancing communication skills, team-building, time-management, and first class leadership skills


    We were just voted #12 US Company to work for by USA today!

  • Who Works With Us?

    Catherine Harbour

    Stanford University

    "I have become a more comfortable and confident person who can talk and empathize with any type of person."

    Danny Santos

    St. Johns University

    "I love being a part of a team that feels like family. I have become a more outgoing and confident person, and have learned the importance of never giving up on my goals."

    Alex Haskins

    Northeastern University

    “I love that I get to work with my friends which allows me to be truly invested in team building and teamwork. I have gained an understanding of what it means to be assertive yet still be kind.”

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